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Step into the Shoes of a Secret Agent, Unraveling Mysteries Using Cutting-Edge AR Technology and Gadgets While Exploring Buffalo. Your Mission Starts Here!

 Introducing 🥁

Operation Mindfall

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Join W.I.S.E., an international intelligence organization, on a mission to save Buffalo, NY from the sinister Spider Technologies. Uncover their hidden labs within Buffalo’s waterfront landmarks – Canalside, Inner Harbor, and Naval Park. You have 100 minutes to decode riddles, hack Spider and retrieve the antidote to stop the mind-control virus threatening our city. Will you rise to the occasion in Operation Mindfall? 

  • Outdoor Adventure

    Partake in an outdoor adventure on the waterfront.

  • Explore Buffalo's Iconic Landmarks

    Turn Buffalo landmarks into pieces of an exciting puzzle and discover history of the city.

  • Unique Augmented Reality Experience

    Merge digital and physical worlds for an unforgettable gaming experience.

  • Exciting Time-Pressured Mission

    The clock's ticking - 100 minutes to save Buffalo. Can you handle the pressure?

  • A Memorable Experience

    Create unforgettable memories with every clue solved and mission accomplished.

  • Team Building in Action

    Strengthen bonds and teamwork skills while saving the city

How It Works

  • Meet Up

    Arrive at your meetup location (Orions Landing). Your W.I.S.E agent will be brief you on the mission and provide all the tools necessary to complete your tasks including an action pack suitcase. The 100 minute countdown begins.

  • Begin Your Mission

    Embark on your mission. Navigate through Canalside, Inner Harbor, and Naval Park, solving intricate riddles and unearthing clues using the special gadgets provided. Remember, every detail in your surroundings might be crucial for your success.

  • Conclude Your Operation

    Decode the final riddles and obtain the antidote to halt the mind-control virus. Once you've succeeded, return to your W.I.S.E agent for debriefing and to celebrate your victory.


2 Players

$30 $25 / player
  • 100 Minute Adventure
  • AR ipad
  • Action Pack Suitcase

3 Players

$28 $23 / player
  • 100 Minute Adventure
  • AR ipad
  • Action Pack Suitcase

4 Players

$27 $22 / player
  • 100 Minute Adventure
  • AR ipad
  • Action Pack Suitcase

5 Players

$26 $21 / player
  • 100 Minute Adventure
  • AR ipad
  • Action Pack Suitcase

6 Players

$25 $20 / player
  • 100 Minute Adventure
  • AR ipad
  • Action Pack Suitcase


Operation Mindfall is a thrilling outdoor augmented reality game set in Buffalo. Players embark on a spy mission, solving puzzles and discovering iconic locations, all to stop a mind control virus outbreak.

The Operation Mindful route spans approximately 1 mile, taking participants through over a dozen of Buffalo’s exciting landmarks and attractions along the waterfront. This makes for an enjoyable and manageable walking distance during the game.

Each game allows up to 6 players with a minimum of 2 players. The more brains working together, the better your chances of stopping the virus!

Each game lasts approximately 120 minutes. Remember, you’re racing against the clock to save Buffalo!

The game takes place outdoors on Buffalos inner harbor, specifically around Buffalo Marina, Military Park, and Canal Side. Our official launch partner and meetup location is Orions Landing, a 12 minute drive from the first mission point. 

Atleast one participant will need a mobile device with a webs browser and camera.  Everything else will be provided including an ipad and action pack full of gadgets. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for an outdoor adventure!

At the conclusion of your game, return your equipment to the meetup point.

Kids are welcome to join as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Some puzzles may be too difficult for younger kids. Children 7 and under are free.

The price per player is $30 for 2 players with discounts for additional players. 

The game can still go ahead in light rain, but in case of severe weather, we would reschedule your booking. We will provide ponchos in light weather. 

Operation Mindfall is a one of a kind live action game that includes AR based gameplay and real world items. Unlike other outdoor games where players use their own phone and are operated remotely, operation mindful provides  a secret agent that ensures your success. Operation mindfall mission route is designed by local residents. GOGO Buffalo is a proud local small business. 

About Us

GoGo Buffalo, located in Western New York, is your local destination for engaging live-action games. We believe in delivering experiences that transcend traditional entertainment, providing an exciting blend of thrills, local history, and cultural appreciation through our carefully designed interactive quests. Our flagship game, Operation Mindfall, invites players to traverse the inner harbor, fostering a spirit of exploration and community connection. We are passionate about offering a unique platform for friends, families, and businesses to strengthen bonds while embracing challenges. At GoGo Buffalo, we’re not just about playing games; we’re about creating unforgettable journeys and helping you see your city from a fresh, exciting perspective. Join us and make lasting memories.

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For any questions, please email us at contact@orionslanding.com